OOTD: Seasonal Blazer

Whether its a formal or informal gathering, now is the time when the pastel colours can be let loose. This salmon blazer is perfect to wear, to add some colour to a plain outfit ; looks chic and effortless too.

Blazer: Oasis

Top: New Look

Harem Trousers: Topshop



Fashion’s True Beginning

One word comes to mind when one mentions fashion. For me, instantly clothing comes to mind. Then the secondary words follow: shoes, accessories, prints, colour etc. However, the one that really triumphs over them all, echoing in the background constantly: Bankruptcy.

Now, the world of fashion consists of new style breaking through the masses of media, celebrity fame, culture- the list goes on. But one thing that it brings to all who seek for it, is a sense of self-worth. The term “fashionista” usually contains imagery of the high-heeled, well-off “Carrie Bradshaw” wannabe taking over the big city with her fresh style and super outlook on life, whose main dream is to eat, live and breathe fashion into the generations of today. So basically, wholly superficial and plastic. To be honest, with the materialistic society we live in today, I don’t blame them. However, I also now know, there are those few people with that same Bradshaw dream that is intent on achieving just that. And truth be told. I love them for it.

The style of trend setters, bloggers, editorial spreads is not solely based on the content it provides. But instead, it is the manner of style, the vigor and boldness of how that message stands that captivates us. Fashion is everywhere. Even those who do not follow any ‘”trend”, cannot excuse that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ they feel walking in that unwashed, ‘go to’ item. Is it THEIR style- set by them. Regardless whether Vogue says so or not.
THAT my friends. is the true beauty of fashion. And I intend to bring to the world just that. My god given right to express my individuality through fashion- aimed to also help others find their inner flair. Economically, with hints of guilty pleasures along the way ;).

Feel it. Wear it. EMBRACE IT!